Global Reference Solution

GRS (Global Reference Solution) – is a global corporate directory that helps carry out an express analysis of marketing environment, search for partners and clients, verify addresses. It covers 300 mln. companies all over the world. Being available on the Internet, GRS is a convenient and affordable solution for those who need basic information for making a decision “there and then” and for those who need it to cover as many partners as possible.
  • Who manages the company? Names of principals
  • What is the company’s line of business? Type of business, industry classifier SIC
  • Where is the company located? Addresses and phone numbers
  • What size is it? Number of employees, income
  • How old is the company? Registration date
  • Who is the owner? Information on "corporate family”
  • What else is located at the company’s address? Tracing mass registration locations
  • Who else can the phone number belong to? Tracing “red flags”
  • How many firms does CEO have? Is it a fly-by-night company or a real thing?
  • How many companies operate in the same industry in a given country? Potential clients, suppliers

GRS for risks assessment:

  • To quickly confirm the existence of the company, to get general information.
  • To assess the size of the company, get to know its line of business, get information on principals
  • To reveal corporate links of the client/supplier
  • To check mass registration addresses, mass registration phone numbers, detect fly-by-night companies

Business search by industry, income, number of employees, principals

GRS for marketing:

  • To assess the situation in any market area in any country
  • To make targeted marketing excerpts
  • To define opportunities for cooperation with other corporate family members
  • To verify addresses and phone numbers for customer services

Excerpts by industry, number of employees, income, etc.

GRS for sales:

  • To assess risks in regard to companies and affiliated companies during negotiations
  • To understand the dependence of the company on corporate family for contract performance, in order to reduce the risk of non-delivery
  • To detect inter-linkage between the companies through their principals

Visualization of corporate family structure

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