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Trade Exchange Program

Trade Exchange Prgramunique instrument for credit risks analysis, assessment of clients portfolio and nonpayment control.
Within the frame ofTrade Exchange Programthe companies anonymously exchange information concerning their contractors and, thus, have the opportunity to monitor if the same client pays the bills of other companies on time.
The system makes it possible to respond promptly to the deterioration of the payment discipline of the partners, to detect the most vulnerable segments in the clients portfolio, to effectively manage credit policy.
Paydex, which helps to assess the risk of payment delay, is assigned to each company with available payment data.
Main capabilities of the system:
Systematic monitoring of payments, while giving the general idea of financial inflows from contractors, provides additional mechanisms of income control;
The system helps to allocate the riskiest segments of the clients portfolio, which gives the opportunity to better manage credit limits and react to any changes in clients financial solvency;
You may single out the most stable and reliable payers and place your stakes on them while developing your business.
SPARK Trade Exchange Programis a joint project of Interfax and Dun & Bradstreet. It is part of Trade Exchange Programoperating in more than 40 world countries.
Global experience of usingTrade Exchange Programproved its efficiency in credit risks reduction, liquidation of past-due indebtedness, improvement of payment discipline and setting out new directions for business development.